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We're Specialists.

We know and love Lecce. We know and love Puglia. That’s why our tours are all based here, allowing us to share our intimate knowledge of this region and giving you the very best authentic Italian holiday experiences.


We're Boutique.

We’re proud to keep it small. There are never more than 12 people in any of our tour groups. You’re an individual, not a number, and you deserve special treatment. It’s your holiday after all. Our choices of accommodation, restaurants and experiences reflect this philosophy.


Luxury Accommodation.

You’ve travelled a long way to this corner of Italy. So why not treat yourself when you arrive? We’ve researched the accommodation options in Lecce and we’re confident that the stunning Mantatelurè is the best hotel in the city.


Experience-based Travel.

It’s important to see the sights. But it’s even better when the sights have special memories attached to them. We’ll immerse you in the Puglian experience. Delicious food and charming people are part of the package. Every photo you take will come with a story attached.


We're Owner-Operators.

You’ll be dealing with Robert and Lili from your first phone call or email, and it’ll be us meeting you and looking after you in Lecce. Ensuring you’re happy is our business, and we’ll never forget that. Come as guests, leave as friends.


We're Passionate.

Sharing our passion for Puglia is why we started Espressino Travel. We think the place, the people and the food make it a slice of heaven, and we’re pretty sure you’ll feel the same way.


Personalized Service.

Our Puglian tours have been designed for individuals, not sheep. We’ll be at your service 24-7 when you’re with us, and we’re always at the end of a phone or email until you get to Italy.


No Hidden Costs

Accommodation, transit and the bill of every meal you’ll eat on your Italy tour are all included in the price. You’re in Puglia for an authentic Italian experience, not to worry about the Euros and cents.


We're Fun!

You’re on vacation. You should be enjoying yourself. An Italian holiday shouldn’t be about ticking sights off a list. It’s about living in the moment and having real, entertaining experiences.


We're in the Heart of it all.

Many Italian tour companies base their accommodation in rural areas. We don't. Mantatelure offers the best of both worlds: it's an oasis of calm, yet you’re never more than a ten-minute stroll into the heart of Lecce. From fine shopping to countless bars and cafes to the convenience of late-night pharmacies, when you’re not with the group you can fill your vacation time in stunning Lecce doing exactly what you love.

Top Ten Reasons

to join our italy food tours

We're proud to say that we're different. Here's why:

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