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Wrapping up our 2016 Season: Five-star Reviews, Fabulous Blogs and an Industry Award to Celebrate!

2016 was our busiest year yet at Espressino Travel.

Our Weeklong Tours were full and fabulously fun. Our Private Tours exceeded guests’ expectations on a daily basis. And our Day Tours provided bite-sized introductions to our wonderful corner of Italy. Over the course of 2016 we were lucky enough to welcome guests from Ireland, the UK, India, Canada, South Africa, the USA, Australia and New Zealand. Together, they’ve contributed a selection of reviews to create a Trip Advisor page we couldn’t be more proud of.

Some of our guests have even gone a step further and shared their kind words with the world, writing blog posts about their time with us in Puglia.

Ishita Sood makes no apologies for her love of all things Italian. Her blog is called Italophilia, which should give you a clue. Even though Ishita has travelled across much of the country, she still couldn’t contain the instant connection she felt for Lecce over the course of an evening’s passeggiata with us.

“It was a wonderful experience learning about the history of the Salento from my very passionate and enthusiastic tour guides. I could see from the very start of the walk how much in love with Lecce they were.”

Tammy from In R Dream was at the novice end of the Italian travel spectrum. The Canadian lifestyle blogger was making only her second visit to the country. But like Ishita, she immediately fell in love with the people, food, architecture and soul of Lecce.

“Thanks to Espressino Travel we got to indulge in the best of Lecce and the Puglia region. A few dishes we may have never ordered due to our lack of knowledge and language barrier. With smiles and generosity, the people of Lecce opened their arms to us. Leaving me with a desire to get back to learn and eat more in Lecce. A city and culture we may never have been able to fully love without Robert’s introduction and his insightful Puglia Tours of Lecce.”

Travel expert Rebecca Jager of Girls Flight Out recounted tales of late nights and gastronomic indulgence together with our cooking instructor, Gianna. Her conclusion was simple.

“Can you taste love? The people of Puglia think so.”

Our 2016 season came to an end with another fabulous honour, as we were named Best Boutique Tour Operator for Puglia at the Luxury Travel Guide Awards for the second year running. Thanks to everyone who nominated and voted for us!

Our time in Italy may be over for 2016, but we’re already excited about the upgrades to our Tour Itinerary that we have planned for next year. Spaces on our 2017 Puglia Tours are already filling fast, so if you want to be part of the adventure, contact us today.

See you in Puglia in 2017!

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