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day tours

discover the authentic taste of puglia with our delicious day tours


If you're unable to join us on our weeklong tours of Puglia, why not sample some of our favourite authentic experiences on our Day Tours? We'll show you the best of the local life, culture and food, guide you through the most fascinating sites, reveal secrets that only insiders know about, and introduce you to wonderful, friendly local people. Be our guest for a day and discover what makes this region so special!


Please note that all of our tours are open to the public. If you would prefer to have a private experience, we can certainly arrange this for you. Please contact us for details. 

Full Day Tour: Cooking and Culture in Lecce

Location: Lecce | 12 hours | 9am to 9pm | Price: €260/person


This tour includes:

  • Lecce walking tour 

  • Market visit and wine tasting with Chef and Sommelier Gianna Greco

  • Hands-on cooking lesson of multiple traditional recipes, followed by a four-course lunch

  • Lecce by Night food tour, including coffee tasting, light tasting dinner, street food sampling with drinks, and gelato

We meet in the heart of Lecce, Piazza Sant'Oronzo, to begin the first part of our walking tour of Lecce before meeting our cooking teacher, Gianna, owner and chef at Cooking Experience Lezioni di Cucina Salentina. Together we will go to the local market to learn about regional ingredients, which we select for our cooking lesson.


At Gianna's cooking school, in a historic palazzo in the shadow of the Duomo, we begin our Cooking Experience. Expect to laugh, have fun and learn the secrets of Salento cuisine. We will make several recipes handed down through Gianna's family for generations. Gianna is also a sommelier, so we savour a professional wine tasting of local wines as we craft our fresh pasta and other traditional dishes. After preparing our meal, we sit down together to our delicious handmade lunch in the beautiful courtyard garden.


After our lesson, take a well earned break before we wake up with a special Leccese coffee tasting and continue our walking tour. We will visit churches, shops and historic sights, discussing the stories behind them. Then, as the sun sets, we will discover Lecce by Night, taking part in the lively passeggiata and sampling more regional specialties along the way. We will enjoy a light tasting dinner at a great wine bar and make stops for typical street food treats such as rustici, pizza and polpette throughout the evening. Our tour concludes with gelato at the local favourite artisanal gelateria.

Minimum 2 people; maximum 12

Half Day Tour: Pizza and Passeggiata

Location: Lecce | 6 hours | 10am to 4pm | Price: €140/person


This tour includes:

  • Lecce walking tour 

  • Special local coffee and pastry

  • Hands-on pizza lesson

  • Pizza lunch with wines and craft beers

  • Gelato!



We meet in the heart of Lecce, Piazza Sant'Oronzo, where we enjoy a traditional pastry and coffee tasting at a favourite locals' café. We then depart for our walking tour of Lecce, savouring the sights, sounds and smells of this beautiful baroque city. Stopping along the way, we  visit churches, artisanal shops, cultural and historic sights and secret corners that only locals know about.  Then we join owner Maurizio at Lecce's best-loved pizzeria for a fun and interactive hands-on pizza lesson! We make, from scratch, a selection of traditional pizzas, guided by Maurizio's expertise. We will enjoy our own pizza party, feasting on the fruits of our labour along with wine and local craft beers. After lunch we will continue our walking tour, and conclude with gelato from an artisanal gelateria, a perfectly sweet way to end a day of fun and food. 

Minimum 6 people; maximum 10. 

Lecce by Night: The Salento Tasting Tour

Location: Lecce | Time: 6pm to 9pm | 3 hrs | Price: €90/person


This Tour Includes:

  • Coffee and gelato

  • Lecce guided walking tour

  • Street food and local specialties with regional beverages

Minimum 2 people; maximum 10.

We meet at Lecce's most beloved coffee shop, home to a multitude of unique caffeinated concoctions. We enjoy a coffee tasting, perfect fuel for our walk around the city. Then, as the sun sets, we join in the lively passeggiata, taking in the sights, sounds and smells of this beautiful baroque city. Exploring the city's streets and alleyways, we discover churches, artisanal shops, cultural and historic sights and secret corners that only locals know about. We sit down to a delicious tasting dinner at a great wine bar, where we sample regional cheeses, meats and other delicacies. We then continue our Lecce walk, admiring the buildings aglow in the atmospheric street lights, stopping to sample wines and local craft beers, and tasting regional street foods such as Salentina pizza, rustici and pasticciotti. Our tour concludes with gelato at our favourite artisanal gelateria.

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