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The Espressino Travel Team Go Gargano in the Globe & Mail

We consider ourselves Puglia Experts at Espressino Travel.

The Globe & Mail, Canada’s National Newspaper, agrees.

Which is why millions of Canadians began their weekend with this Travel Section cover story from the Gargano Peninsula of Northern Puglia – with words by Robert and photos by Lili from Espressino Travel.

We didn’t choose the headline, but the rest of the story is all our work, revealing our amazing experiences and some of the hidden gems from a rarely visited corner of Italy’s most exhilarating province.

Just to clarify, we’re not offering tours of the Gargano Peninsula just yet. We’re focusing on the spectacular Salento region of Puglia in the South. But if you’d like to explore the Gargano before or after our tour, please let us know and we’ll be happy to pass on additional recommendations and put you in touch with our friends there. Andiamo in Puglia!!

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