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Savouring the Salento 2014: Our Puglia Tour is a Triumph!

September’s Savouring the Salento Tour is in the books! And we couldn’t be happier with our 2014 Puglia Tour.

Where do we begin?

The food was fabulous. The wine was delicious. Lecce, relaxed after the August tourism explosion, returned to its serene best. The sun came out to reveal the innate beauty of Puglia’s most stunning cities – Otranto, Gallipoli, Alberobello and Ostuni – for our visits. Our excursions – Truffle Hunting with Giuseppe and his adorable dogs, and fishing off the coast of Torre Vado – were perfect mini-adventures.

Our gelato tasting bordered on a religious experience.

We were treated like kings and queens by our perfect hosts at Mantatelure’, our home for our week in Lecce.

Our cooking classes with Gianna at Cooking Experience and our pizza-making lesson with Maurizio at Pizza&Co exceeded our high expectations. Our Cucina Salentina and Pizza instructors opened up their school and store, welcoming our guests into their family (literally, as we ate, drank and laughed with their spouses and children) to create unforgettable, authentic Italian memories.

We expected our tour to be full of great sights, tastes and experiences. We knew the passion and kindness of our partners would shine through and that our restaurants and excursions would deliver on taste and adventure. That’s why we chose to base our tours in the Salento region of Puglia to begin with.

But we didn’t know that the biggest stars of the week would be our guests. It was a privilege to be part of a group that gelled into a team so quickly. It didn’t matter where they came from – we had guests from Canada, the USA and England – from the first meeting they were laughing together and sharing their experiences in Italy like old pals.

So our biggest thanks of all go to our incredible 2014 Puglia Travellers. You’ll always have a huge place in our hearts.

The 2014 Savouring the Salento Tour has revealed to us once again why we love this beautiful, warm and welcoming terra. Providing our guests with fun, authentic and unique experiences is always enjoyable work, but the greatest pleasure for the Espressino Travel Team was witnessing our group form friendships with their fellow travellers and our Pugliese partners.

Travelling companions for a week. Friends for life.

Grazie a tutti, alla prossima volta!

To see even more of the fun, please visit our facebook page for a full gallery here.

We will be announcing our 2015 tour dates shortly. To be notified when they are announced, please join our mailing list. Or, if you are interested in scheduling a private tour with your own dates, please contact us.

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