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Cover Stars: Espressino Travel Lights Up the Front Page of Canada's Biggest Travel Section

We’ve been popping Prosecco corks and the gelato tastes sweeter than ever as this weekend Espressino Travel’s Tours of the Salento filled the front page of the Travel Section of the Toronto Star, Canada’s biggest-selling newspaper.

We’d welcomed writer Jennifer Allford to Puglia this June, and her glowing review of her time with Espressino Travel showed that she loved the region, its food, its culture and its people as much as we do.

To prove that she couldn’t get enough of this fabulously friendly corner of Italy she even wrote a separate front-page story highlighting her pizza-making lesson with our great friend Maurizio Ortona at his pizzeria: a deliciously fun experience no tour companies but us are able to offer!

We had as much fun showing Jennifer around as she did sampling the Salento for the first time. It was an absolute pleasure to give her an edited version of the weeklong tour all our guests receive. We can’t add much to Jennifer’s story, other than pointing out that although Lili has Ukrainian/Irish/Japanese heritage she’s actually Canadian, and despite Robert’s London accent, we’re a Canadian company. If Jennifer’s time with Espressino Travel sounds like something you’d like to experience yourself, please visit our Tour Page for more information about how you can enjoy everything that appeared in the Toronto Star (and more).

To receive an exclusive discount off our weeklong tour, and receive news on Puglia and our tours straight to your inbox, please sign up to our mailing list at the bottom of this page.

Now, back to that gelato. Ciao from sunny Lecce!

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